Maja Stjärna & Paula Elion

Maja Stjärna is a textile artist using hand embroidery as her main technique, in combination with textile painting and collage. In her works she investigates the emotional and communicative qualities within the technique of hand embroidery.

Paula Elion is an Argentinean-Israeli artist working with painting and found objects as her materials. She explores themes related to personal and socio-political phenomena, often based on images from social media and family albums. 
Maja Stjärna & Paula Elion

Photo: Maja Stjärna och Paula Elion

Stitching Stories

Stitching Stories is an exhibition by and featuring textile artists Maja Stjärna and Paula Elion. Despite cultural and generational differences, the duo shares a common interest in used household textiles and their connection to heritage and family. These textiles bear traces of usage, such as holes and stains, just as the human body carries marks of life and aging. Motherhood, beauty, and the transcendence of the body are recurring themes for both artists.


Maja Stjärna Paula Elion


Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm

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Thursday 5 October 17.00-21.00


  • Friday 6 October 12.00-18.00
  • Saturday 7 October 12.00-18.00
  • Sunday 8 October 12.00-18.00


Maja Stjärna Paula Elion