Louise Bankander

Louise Bankander is educated in design at Beckmans College of Design. She works experimentally and freely with various techniques and materials, including textiles, wood, and currently cork.
Louise Bankander

Photo: Louise Bankander

A spring, a summer and an autumn

Welcome to "A Spring, a Summer, and an Autumn", an exhibition created by Louise Bankander. Here, you'll find past sculptures meet up with the newer creations. During the summer months, Louise has worked in her countryside studio, where she gathers, experiments, and creates works from found and forgotten items, things meant to be discarded. She also crafts large sculptures in cork – some serene and others more demanding.


Louise Bankander


Heleneborgsgatan 14, Stockholm

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Thursday 5 October 17.00-21.00


  • Friday 6 October 12.00-19.00
  • Saturday 7 October 11.00-17.00
  • Sunday 8 October 12.00-17.00


Louise Bankander