Stockholm Craft Week –
Contemporary craft in focus

6-9 October 2022


We are getting ready for the fourth edition of Stockholm Craft Week which takes place 6-9 October 2022.
Last year’s program was truly massive and visitors were offered more than 100 craft events all around the city and nearby. We are expecting no less for 2022. Save the date!

Travelling to Stockholm Craft Week? This shortlist will help you plan your stay:
Wednesday October 5th from 6 pm:
Warm-up event, international panel talk, mingle.
Thursday October 6th  from 10 am:
Breakfast mingle, Social club, exhibitions, openings, artist talks.
Evening events, opening/prize ceremony (by invitation), film screening/music, After Craft.
Friday October 7th  from 10 am:
Social club, Exhibitions, openings, lectures, artist talks, film screening, demos.
Evening events, After Craft.
Saturday October 8th  from 11 am:
Exhibitions, openings, workshops, performances, open studios, film screening, artist talks, Craft Tours.
Evening events, After Craft.
Sunday October 9th  from 11 am:
Exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, open studios, demos.
The full program is released September 6th.

Stockholm Craft Week 2022 is supported by Stockholms stad and Region Stockholm


Foto: Sanna Lindberg

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